Investment Strategy

The Company will identify investment opportunities in the wellness sector predominantly in Europe.
The investment strategy will focus on markets that are recognised as having well-developed and reputable laws and regulations relating to the research and production of hemp and related products.

The global laws and regulations relating to plant -based medicines are continually evolving.
The Company will continue to monitor the deregulation globally to ensure that it is best placed to take advantage of opportunities as deregulation occurs.

Greencare believe that there are numerous investment opportunities within the wellness industry as well as a fast growing production, distribution and other associated businesses that will be of interest to the Company.

The Company may invest in both private and public companies and may make investments in early-stage businesses and/or more mature operating companies. Greencare Capital may be either a passive or an active investor and will not require control in all situations. Both debt or equity instruments may be acquired, in either quoted or unquoted securities, and made by direct acquisition of an interest in companies, partnerships or joint ventures, or direct interests in projects.


The Board intends to review the investment strategy from time to time to respond to the rapidly changing legal and regulatory environments in this area.


In compliance with Rule 49 of the NEX Exchange Rules, if the Company (as an Investment Vehicle) has not substantially implemented its investing policy after the period of one year following Admission, it will seek Shareholder approval in respect of the subsequent year for the further pursuit of its investment strategy.


Pursuant to Rule 50 of the AQUIS Stock Exchange Rules (formerly NEX), the Company (as an Investment Vehicle), is required to substantially implement its investment strategy within a period of two years following Admission. In the event that the Company has not undertaken a transaction constituting a Reverse Takeover under Rule 55 of the AQUIS Stock Exchange Rules (formerly NEX), or if it has otherwise failed to substantially implement its investment strategy within such two year period, AQUIS Stock Exchange Rules (formerly NEX) will suspend trading of the Company’s Issued Share Capital in accordance with Rule 75 of the AQUIS Stock Exchange Rules (formerly NEX).

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