“Welcome to the Greencare Capital plc website. We are an investment company seeking to take advantage of the rapidly changing regulatory environment surrounding legal Medicinal Cannabis, the HEMP and CBD Wellness sectors and other plant-based medicines. The Company has a number of pipeline investment opportunities currently being appraised, predominantly in Europe, and our investment strategy will focus on markets that are recognised as having well-developed and reputable laws and regulations relating to the research and production of Cannabis and related products.”

Fabio Carretta CEO Greencare Capital plc


Admission to the AQUIS Stock Exchange (formerly NEX)
The Company announced on Tuesday 17 December that it is seeking Admission of its entire issued share capital, as enlarged by way of a recent share subscription, to the AQUIS Stock Exchange (formerly NEX). It is anticipated that Admission will become effective and dealings in the Company’s Ordinary Shares will commence on 30 December.


The Company is an Investment Vehicle to identify investment opportunities in and acquisitions of companies and businesses in the rapidly changing regulatory environment surrounding legal Medicinal Cannabis as well as investment opportunities within the Hemp and CBD wellness sectors and other plant-based medicines.

Greencare Capital identifies business acquisition opportunities in new cultivation technologies, products and services related to the evolution of cannabis as an agricultural product, in Hemp and CBD wellness sectors or in other plant-based medicines.

Our vision is to provide investors the best business opportunities in the pharmaceutical field and medical use of cannabis and other plants. Driven by passion we look forward in innovation and technologies to guarantee our clients diversified range of investment tools.

As we strive to improve people’s lives and generate long-term value for our stakeholders, we are guided by these principles:

  • People and Community CareWe believe in fostering the most valuable global cannabis community comprised of passionate and daring people.
  • Quality ProductsWe believe in developing innovative and meaningful products that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of out consumers
  • Integrity & LeadershipWe take pride in leading the industry forward responsibly


Cannabis is a flowering plant which for many thousands of years has provided seeds and oil for use in food and cooking, has been a source of fibre for textiles and has been used for recreational and medicinal use.

There are generally recognised to be there species of Cannabis; C. indica, C. sativa and C. ruderalis with the most commonly known being sativa and indica.


The global laws and regulations relating to Cannabis and plant based medicines are continually evolving.

The Board will monitor these changes, particularly where they apply to Europe, to ensure that the Company can take advantage of new investment opportunities as they become available.